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His voyage industrial co., LTD

Qinyang Yuanhang Industrial Co., Ltd.

¡¡¡¡His voyage industrial co., LTD£¬Located in the north£¬According to the north£¬South of the Yellow River£¬JiaoZhi railway running through things£¬JiaoJin highway criss-crossing the north and south¡£Is approved by the municipal administration for industry and commerce registration£¬Review of qualification certification by the ministry of construction of the large modern glass reinforced plastics enterprises£¬An independent legal entity£¬Independent accounting£¬Operate independently¡£2009Years passedISO9002International quality system certification£¬200000000-00-0-0-0-aa-00-0-0-0-aa-00-0-0-0-00000Years passedISO9001Certification¡£¡¡¡¡My company's registered capital1000Ten thousand yuan£¬Cover an area of an area3860Square meters£¬Existing staff502People£¬The management personnel35People£¬Have the skill......



The purpose of the glass fiber reinforced plastic



The purpose of the glass fiber reinforced plastic

¡¡¡¡Glass fiber reinforced plastic is nearly 50 years developing rapidly a compound material¡£Production of glass fiber70%Are used to produce FRP¡£Glass fiber reinforced plastic high hardness£¬Is much lighter than steel¡£Use it as a fuel tank and pipe jet plane£¬Can reduce the plane...

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  • 162017-05

    The application of glass fiber reinforced plastic

    ¡¡¡¡Sculpture mold¡¡¡¡Through to produce FRP sculpture mold first£¬To make the production of glass fiber reinforced plastic products£¬Meet the needs of the people in real life¡£¡¡¡¡A¡¢FRP sculpture plaster mould

  • 162017-05

    Glass fiber reinforced plastic production methods

    ¡¡¡¡Basically divided into two broad categories£¬The wet and dry contact pressure molding¡£According to process characteristic points£¬Hand lay-up molding¡¢Laminated molding¡¢RTMMethod¡¢Crowded rafah¡¢Moulding¡¢Winding

  • 162017-05

    The advantages of FRP

    ¡¡¡¡According to the statistics£¬The characteristics of glass fiber reinforced plastic has the following several aspects£º¡¡¡¡Light weight, high strength¡¡¡¡The relative density1.5~2.0In between£¬Only carbon steel1/4~1/5£¬But

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